Playing with Keith Urban

What can I say?! What an incredible experience. Keith Urban is as phenomenal as everyone says he is, both as a musician and as an individual. In fact, I can say the same for his whole team and everyone I met involved with the Raise Em Up tour!

When I got to the venue around 2pm, we found our way to the backstage area where my mom (as my biggest supporter, she will forever be my plus one for as long as she can stand it) and I were greeted by KU’s team. Everyone I met was gracious and accommodating and I actually saw a familiar face, KU’s assistant tour manager Dave, whom I met a couple years ago when I lived in Nashville. We had sound check at 3:30pm which was what I was most nervous for. I met Dustin, who was in charge of my in ear monitors and microphone, and then it was time to run through “We Were Us” with the full band. When I first walked on stage, Keith and his band were so friendly, I was immediately put at ease. 

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Stevi MadisonComment